EMSS: The Story Begins

Mr. Thompson (shorter and longer versions), Harmony Revealed, About This Prototype Issue

EMSS: The Story Begins

Prototype Issue

Earth Moon Stars Space is an intergalactic art journal published by (Collective Name TBD) on (Schedule TBD). Price per issue: 1-5 USD, or your choice of amount (even zero).

In This Issue

  • Mr. Thompson
  • Mr. Thompson (longer version)
  • Harmony Revealed
  • About This Prototype Issue

Mr. Thompson

by Peter Kaminski with ChatGPT GPT-4 and SDXL

An image generated by SDXL. It's an atmospheric painting of a rocky point at the ocean, with a human figure standing atop the point. The figure appears to be looking back inland towards a lighthouse, perhaps 50-100 steps away. There are short fences (or handrails?) with fenceposts leading back to and around the lighthouse. The sky looks dark and stormy, with purples, browns, and yellows. The sun is bright behind the lighthouse, with the disc of the sun visible through the clouds, highlighting the lighthouse in a dramatic way. Small but dynamic waves are crashing on rocks below the point.

Every day, old Mr. Thompson walked to the abandoned lighthouse, its once-white walls now stained by time. He missed the days when it beamed brightly across the ocean. One stormy night, a lost ship appeared. Determined, Mr. Thompson climbed the rickety steps, reigniting the long-forgotten light. The ship, guided by the beam, reached safety. The grateful sailors restored the lighthouse, and Mr. Thompson found new purpose as its keeper. Together, they illuminated the night and guided countless ships to safety, rekindling the lighthouse's lost legacy.

(85 words)

Mr. Thompson (longer version)

which do you like better, the shorter or longer version?

Mr. Thompson's weathered face creased into a smile as he traced the cracked path to the abandoned lighthouse, the salty sea breeze tugging at his gray beard. The lighthouse, once a beacon of hope with its pristine white walls, now stood as a neglected monument, its facade marred by age and neglect.

With a nostalgic sigh, he recalled the golden era when the lighthouse beamed its guiding light across the vast ocean, bringing lost souls home. The memory was a comforting ember in his heart, warming him on the loneliest of days.

One fateful evening, a violent storm roared over the sea, its dark clouds shrouding the horizon. Mr. Thompson squinted through the downpour and spotted a ship in distress, its sails flapping frantically like a wounded bird. Driven by an innate sense of duty, he grasped the lighthouse door, its hinges shrieking in protest.

Each rickety step creaked under his weight, threatening to give way as he ascended the ancient spiral staircase. His hands trembled with effort as he dusted off the old kerosene lamp, reigniting its dormant flame. The fire flickered and danced, as if rejoicing at its newfound purpose.

With the restored light casting its warm glow, the lost ship navigated the treacherous waves, inching closer to safety. The sailors' gratitude shone as brightly as the beacon itself when they realized the lighthouse had guided them through the storm.

As a testament to their appreciation, the sailors banded together, dedicating their time and resources to restore the lighthouse to its former glory. With every stroke of their paintbrushes, they breathed life back into the structure, its walls gradually returning to their gleaming white state.

Mr. Thompson, newly invigorated with purpose, took up the mantle of the lighthouse keeper once more. Together with the sailors, they illuminated the night, their light slicing through the darkness, guiding countless ships to safety. The lighthouse, now brimming with life and light, stood proudly as a symbol of resilience, its legacy rekindled for generations to come.

(334 words)

Harmony Revealed

by Peter Kaminski with ChatGPT (GPT-4) and SDXL

An image synthesized by SDXL. Sort of a drawing or painting, skillfully done, showing tall, thin trees with no leaves, around a pond. The trees are mostly in silhouette. There is brilliant sunset light shining in from the distance, bright yellow in the middle, fading to bright yellow-orange on the sides, and fading to deep orange, pink, and dark violet at the top. The bright yellow and orange light reflect off many ripples in the pond. Overall, it is beautiful, soothing, and serene, which contrasts with the deep, vibrant colors and silhouetted trees.

In the heart of the wood, a hidden pond nestled amongst skeletal trees.

Silhouettes soared skyward toward symphonic color, a dazzling sight indeed.

Twilight descended, the ethereal haven glistened, and ripples mirrored the remarkable sheen.

Travelers paused, entranced, while Earth herself breathed deeply in tranquil repose.

A contrast so true, solemn trees and luminous sky rising in crescendo.

A tender equilibrium, a harmony concealed, was gently revealed.

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About This Prototype Issue

by Peter Kaminski

I put together this issue to demonstrate the general idea of EMSS:

  • ~100-200-word fiction stories, poems, etc.
  • each story has at least one image
  • stories and images can be generated with the help of AI text and image synthesis, and engines must be specified
  • “semi-professional” quality–doesn't have to be perfect, but should be pretty good, at the discretion of the Editorial Committee
  • stories don't have to have a space or science fiction theme, the "Earth Moon Stars Space" name is meant to be a whimsy, not a genre definition

Real issues would differ by having:

  • more stories, at least eight to ten
  • more contributors, at least three to four
  • stories would not include word counts (prototype has word counts to get a sense of what size might work best)
  • subscription option would be enabled

Answer a questionnaire about the Earth Moon Stars Space project to help us decide whether to proceed to production, or read the Earth Moon Stars Space project wiki.

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Thank you for reading! The next edition will be published on (TBD). Email Pete with suggested submissions.

Grateful appreciation and many thanks to you for reading this far!